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About Bogdan

A native of Bucharest, Romania, Bogdan was born in a family with a fascinating aviation heritage: his grandfather, the late General Mirica Dimitrescu (Sr) was an aircraft engineer who served in both the military and civil branches of the Romanian aviation industry during the communist era, with major accomplishments such as holding the title of Deputy General Manager of Romanian Civil Aviation for a continuous 16 years period, signing the agreement for the purchase of a Boeing 707 which at the time was the first Western-built aircraft in a communist Eastern European country, as well as overseeing the project of the first Bac 1-11 aircraft built in Romania under license from British Aircraft Corporation. Bogdan's father, Mr. Mirica Dimitrescu (Jr), also an aircraft engineer, had a remarkable path including holding the title of Technical Director of Romaero (MRO), starting the first privately-held commercial airline in Romania (JARO) and subsequent airline startups, qualifying and training generations of airline pilots, flight attendants and mechanics who are currently successful all around the world in their respective jobs. Bogdan’s mother, also an engineer, worked for over 40 years in Romaero. Bogdan’s brother, also an aircraft engineer, held various positions for MROs and airlines. Bogdan himself has a diverse aviation experience of over 20 years, and has been acting as an aviation consultant for the past 10 years, in many projects requiring aircraft deliveries, heavy maintenance, lease returns, and inspections for purchase. His interests and hobbies include flight travel hacking, bootstrap start-ups and using gadgets and high tech to solve everyday problems.


Qualification & Experience

Bogdan has graduated with a double major (Corporate Finance/ Risk Management and Financial Services) from Saint Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas, USA and has also received a Master of Business Administration degree from the same prestigious university. Bogdan started working in aviation in the United States of America in 2002 for one of the top 10 lessors at the time based on the number of aircraft owned (Jetran International LTD). Although freshly graduated with a business degree, Bogdan started from the bottom, making copies and scanning aircraft records, learning maintenance programs, assisting the Controller and the accountants with various tasks related to aircraft depreciation and cost-control, finally ending up taking control of the purchasing/sales and logistics function for the leasing company who owned an enormous inventory of spares (2 football stadium sized warehouses in Miami). By 2005, the leasing company was branching out into an asset management company and later an ACMI airline based in Bucharest, Romania, and Bogdan relocated to Romania to assist the development of the startup. In 3 years, the airline grew to operating 6 MD80 aircraft for major European and African airlines as well as large international tour-operators, and Bogdan moved from Purchasing Manager to Deputy General Manager and Project Manager, overseeing the Financial and Commercial functions of the airline in close cooperation with the General Manager. In 2008, the airline was sold to an outside investor and Bogdan decided to co-found a new airline with his family, which he managed from inception, to obtaining AOC, to growing to 4 aircraft in operation to finally resigning from the airline in 2013 to be closer with his children and start working as an independent aviation consultant. For the past 10 years, Bogdan has been involved in major projects of aircraft deliveries and transitions from airline to lessors to airlines. Over the past 5 years, he decided to focus on Pre-Purchase Inspections, together with a dedicated team of aircraft engineers and mechanics, tackling various aircraft all over the world, in response to customer's requirements.

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