Any airline will benefit from a properly done pre-purchase inspection for a newly added aircraft, whether leased, financed or outright purchased.


    Whether trading or leasing, lessors need to properly assess the state of their future asset before closing.

    Banks and Financial Trusts

    Asset management companies and financial institutions usually lack the specialised expertise to properly assess the status of financed aircraft. This is where our pre-purchase aircraft inspection services come in handy.

    Aircraft private owners

    Are you looking to purchase an aircraft for own use or for charter management by an established AOC holder? Remember, an aircraft might look good on paper based on specs and seller's photos, but to have a full image of its status and for your own peace of mind, you should perform a records and physical inspection.

    Teardown Specialists

    If you are in the teardown/recycling/parts trading business, you already know that buying a complete airframe is more cost-effective than buying individual parts, so make sure you get a proper aircraft inspection.

    About Reframe Travel

    A great pre-buy inspection saves you time and money

    The founder and CEO of Reframe Travel is Bogdan Dimitrescu. Bogdan has an aviation experience of over 20 years, acting as an aviation consultant for the past 10 years, in many projects requiring aircraft deliveries, heavy maintenance, lease returns, and inspections for purchase.

    Discover Reframe Travel Benefits

    Discover Aircraft Inspection Benefits

    Inspection Experts

    We are THE specialists on pre-purchase and pre-lease inspections.

    Competitive Pricing

    Our pricing is an all-inclusive package (includes all of our fees and travel expenses).


    We regularly complete an aircraft inspection in about 1 week from project start.

    Flexible Schedule

    We are immediately ready to start an inspection. We have several project managers on standby and many subcontracted engineers and licensed mechanics.


    The findings we normally uncover during our inspections result in large savings for the buyer in the negotiation process.

    Experienced technicians

    Our contracted engineers and licensed mechanics are working for renowned MROs or airlines across the world.




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